Betty completed her PhD in Marketing and International Business at Georgia State University in Spring 2014 and joined Farmingdale State College as Assistant Professor of Global Business Management in September 2014.  Her research activities involve investigating the international business activities of multinational enterprises (MNEs) through their cross-cultural adaptation, intercultural competence & collaboration, and creativity/innovation, and Chinese management studies. Her previous industry experience in global companies located in both China and the United States provides her insights into international business practices and makes her passionate about bridging the gap between research and practice. As an applied scholar in the field of international management, Betty seeks to address scientific problems in a practical setting. Her dissertation, titled Organizational Cross-Cultural Adaptation through Social Network: A Multiple-Case Study of Chinese Firms Operating in the United States, aims to assist global organizations coping with challenges in an overseas sociocultural environment. The proposal received the second place award from 2012 IACMR Li Ning Dissertation Proposal Grants.

Betty is also conducting several other cross-cultural studies, ranging from management mentality of Chinese firms, cross-cultural variation of creativity, and development of intercultural effectiveness. Drawing various concepts from both sociology and psychology and applying them in the domain of international business management, her research is multi-disciplinary in nature, and will not only contribute to the theoretical development and knowledge enrichment of global management, but also provide managerial implications by offering practical solutions.

Since joining Farmingdale State College, Betty has received numerous awards and grants for teaching and research.  She is the faculty advisor for New York State Business Plan Competition  and International Business Club at Farmingdale. She has conducted various workshops for organizations on the subjects of developing intercultural competence and innovation in a diverse workplace.

Before pursuing her PhD, Betty gained years of industry experience as a supply chain professional working with several global companies in both China and the United States. She holds both a BA in Supply Chain Management and MBA from Michigan State University’s Broad School of Business.

Betty was born and raised in Fujian, China and came to the United States in 2001. She currently resides in Long Island, with her husband Zac, an inspiring photographer, and their lovely son, Miles.