Innovation Challenge – An Ideation Workshop

This one-day workshop is designed for organizations to drive innovative ideas through multifunctional collaboration. It focuses on the “Ideation” process through a fast-paced, hands-on, minds-on innovation challenge. The Ideation provides powerful and practical tools for thinking creatively and critically, solving complex, open-ended challenges and problems, and managing changes that will become a way of life.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will:

  • Gain insights of effective Ideation process and tools;
  • Create fresh new ideas and put them to work immediately;
  • Learn to work effectively in a multifunctional team;
  • Acquire creative thinking skills that can be used in your life.

Below video gives you an overview of the engaged and interactive Ideation workshop through Innovation Challenge.

Video: Innovation Challenge – An Ideation Workshop

Intercultural Communication

Various patterns of verbal and non-verbal communication styles in different culture is a major source of intercultural misunderstanding and intercultural conflicts. In any intercultural interaction, such as business partnership, contract negotiation, or daily transaction, intercultural communication effectiveness is essential to enhance personal relationship and to achieve desired organizational outcome.

The workshop is designed to help participants understand the impact of intercultural communication and develop cultural agility to connect and communicate with others in the intercultural interaction setting. The participant will achieve the following:

Innovation through Cross-Functional Teams

The ability to innovate determines the performance and growth of any organizations, however, to drive innovation through cross-functional teams is not easy: different mindset and knowledge can often cause more conflicts than delivery of  innovative solutions.

Based on the process of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) , this workshop is designed to enhance the collaboration in the cross-functional teams to drive innovate thinking in an organization. Through a series of activities, the participants will be able to discover synergies and leverage diversity  to achieve the goal of co-innovation through cross-functional teams.

Intercultural Leadership Development

An effective leader can identify values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that affect organizational performance, health and well-being of culturally diverse workplace. The workshop is designed to develop leadership skill of managers and individual contributors in a diversified workplace.

By the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to achieve the following main objectives:

Intercultural Competence (CQ) Development

Intercultural Competence (CQ) is an underlying characteristic of an individual or team that can be shown to predict effective or superior performance in a job or situation (McClelland, 1973). It is an essential professional skill that  “exists in a person that leads to behaviors that meet the job demands within the parameters of the organizational environment (Boyatzis, 1982). It emphasizes the critical professional skill for dealing with ambiguity, stress, frustration, and problem solving in an unfamiliar environment. Therefore, CQ is a critical element of successful interaction and collaboration in the growing diversified workplace.

The workshop is designed for today’s organizations to gain the benefits to the diversified workplace and to achieve the following objectives.