Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
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Articles & Cases
Farmingdale College Foundation Award for Excellence in Teaching
The Ruth B. Noller Research Grant, The Creative Education Foundation
Jing B. Feng, the Schulze Entrepreneurship Challenge: E-FEST Grant, the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation and by
Symposium: Cultural Identity Management in the Mixed Cultural Environment  received the Emerald Best International Symposium Award, Annual conference of Academy of Management, Atlanta, GA
Paper “Global Brands Personality and Equity Perception in Emerging Markets: A Comparison Study between the American and Chinese Consumers” received the Best Conference Paper Award, 26th Annual CIMaR Conference, Florence, Italy
Conference paper “Developing Intercultural Effectiveness in the Classroom: An Application of Reflective Learning” received the inaugural CUIBE award for Best Paper on “Teaching International Business”, New Orleans, LA